Friday, September 12, 2008

So what has been going on all week! Nothing and its been amazing ! I've just been relaxing and hanging out by the ocean and the pool and when I'm not by the water I've been snoozing in the room or playing cards ! So last time I wrote was at the beginning of the week, since the fam has been on a tequila tasting course which was very informative! We also went on an amazing Mexican cooking course with the head chef of the club. He took us to the local market and taught us about all the herbs fruit and meats that he uses in Mexican cooking. When we got back to the club we learnt how to cook fish tacos, salsa, guac, tortilla soup, chile rellino? (cheese stuffed peppers) and we made our own tortillas ! Walking around the market was my favorite part of the holiday. After we cooked lunch the fam took naps and went swimming and then got ready to go eat dinner at an amazing restaurant called Amuletto. Amuletto is located at one of the highest point overlooking the bay and has a beautiful view of the sunset. The food was amazing as well. Thursday I didnt do much b/c I wasnt feeling to good so I slept a lot in the room and as for today, the day we are supposed to be leaving ! Well flying to Houston today isnt going to work out bc of the hurricane so we are stuck in paradise for another day til we can fly out a different route. I was hoping to go into work tomorrow but we are not going to get home until sunday afternoon! Instead of flying from here to Houston to HSV we are flying here to Mexico City spending the night on saturday then flying to atlanta and then on to HSV on sunday afternoon. A bit of a pain in the ass but oh well, you've gotta do what you've gotta do. So in the mean time we found a great little coffee shop in town and got a spot of breakfast and then walked around town and found the old fishing pier and did a bit of shopping! We walked past the naval/coast guard office which was being protected by three army men in full drab carrying old style M16s, a little excessive for this tiny little ancient fishing town!! We also met a guy from Norway we moved here 12 years ago and opened up a rug shop selling rugs made in the local mountains, he just hangs out all day every day, sells rugs here and there and just has a really relaxing chilled out life! Thats the way to do it!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Little Italy in Mejico

So for dinner Last night we went to a little Italian restaurant down the street from the resort, we heard it was really good but were a little hesitant b/c we are in mexico. Boy were we wrong, it was one of the best italian meals I've had in a long long time. We were sitting on a cliff watching the surf pound right under us and watched the sun set over the other side of the bay. We started our meal with some white wine and warm fresh bread accompanied by Olive and Balsamic. Then we got calamari, and a plate of Italian sliced meat and cheese. The Calamari was crunchy and dry but not rubbery, it was perfect and the marinara sauce was just right. then we had some red wine to go with our meal. The Meal comprised of seared red snapper topped with onion, tomato and pepper, for mum. Filet mignon in a red wine and mushroom reduction, for dad. sarah had crab stuffed ravioli in a scampi and  cream sauce, and finally i had roittini in a proscuito and pepper marinara sauce. I tasted everyones and I believe that mine was the best!! Dads steak was amazing but a bit of pasta and bacon was what I really needed at that moment. For dessert we each had a sambuca, I'd forgotten what sambuca tasted like and was quite surprised to find out that it tasted like aniseed and coffee, I had half of mine then traded the rest of Dads wine for my sambuca. We hung around the restaurant awhile till everyone had finished their drinks and had rested up a bit from the food masterpiece we just encountered. We left the restaurant and walked back to the club in a slight drizzle but pleasantly warm evening. Next on the agenda for the evening was a good game of cards, we played a game I recently learned called Golf and had loads of fun playing it till really late and by that time everyone was ready to pass out! 

This is the view from the restaurant !

Glorious Morning!

What a splendid morning! Got up this morning and found the work out room and did some intervals on the stationary bike and then ran a little bit on the treadmill. I usually hate treadmills but when your looking out onto the beach and bay its hard to even think about how crappy treadmills are. Sarah (my sister) Olipticalllled for thirty minutes as well. Well its time to grab a bite to eat and then hit the day with sunscreen, a beach towel, and many margaritas!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Arrived in Mexico

Well I arrived in Mexico today and it is beautiful down here on the coast. Zihuatanejo is a nice little town just north of Acapulco. We are staying at a resort overlooking a bay and the view is amazing! Everything so far has been just splendid. 

I started my day at 4 in the morning with a cold shower and a cup of tea then the fam packed up the car in the rain and we set off for the airport. Relatively easy flights I just slept most of the way and read a bit of my new book Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson, it is neat. We arrived in Houston to find out that we had a four hour layover so we look a nice long breakfast and then snooozed a bit in the boarding area. The second flight was on a tiny little plane for an international flight but I wasnt complaining. Well I was complaining when a bunch of overweight people boarded and started banging into everything on the way up the plane. AAAND to top that I was sitting behind very distinct California girl that I thought only existed in movies and tv shows. She said "like" after every word and ended each sentence with a question mark by raising her voice right at the last second of a sentence. Enough to drive me into blasting some classic rock down my ear canal to drown out everything and everyone including my very excited and talkative Mum! 

When we arrived at the airport we debarked and went through customs which was almost as backwards as Indias customs but not quite. We made our way to the resort by taxi and caught some glimpses of the surrounding town and burbs which I hope to explore with my camera! We checked in and made a beeeee line straight for the pool bar and quenched our thirst with some well placed coronas accompanied by some fish tacos OOOH my the best fish tacos I've every had, they were delectable. Home made tortilla chips and black bean dip and fresh guac to die for. After a few beers we went and had a play in the ocean, my first dip in the pacific ocean quite a momentous occasion! In the process of hanging out in the ocean Sarah got smacked in the back of the head with a large wave and lost her really nice pair of gunslasses, straight in the drink never to be seen again. They were really cool which sucks but I'll have to get her a new pair when I get back to work. The rest of the day we just snoooozed and read books and hung out in the a p t. We woke up for dinner but no one was very hungry so we wondered around for a bit and then sat down at the clubs restaurant. We each picked an appetizer and we had margaritas all around. I had flank steak tacos and refused to share b/c they were sooo good!! After dinner we had a few more margaritas and some dessert. by this time everyone was feeling very jolly shall we say. "Time for bed" was the call from pops and the crew slowly made its way back to the apt for some cushy mattress and clean sheets and the sounds of geckos churping on the walls. I love sleeping to the sound of the ocean! 

Love you all! Good night !