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stangers have mustaches

The moral of this is that all strangers have mustaches

Monday, September 7, 2009

Slicing hands

So I threw on the old track drops on my fixed for a change instead of the risers. This was so I could bomb down 3rd street in the early mornings before work. But the first day I took my bike to work one of my co-workers wanted to ride my bike and after repeated warnings of how the bike was too big and that it was a track bike and had a fixed drive train, he tried to ride it anyway and didnt even make it an inch. He put his foot in the left cage and pushed off and tried to swing his leg over like you would on a road bike but on this bike the pedals immediately started to move and he wasnt expecting that and fell. His right hand slid to the bottom of the drops and he and the bike fell to the ground and the unplugged drops sliced open his hand around his thumb. From palm to top of hand in the thumb grove, he had to have seven stitches. He didnt really realize what had happened at first b/c of the adrenaline so he picked up the bike and attempted to walk off the pain and embarrassment and in doing so he drenched the front of my bike in blood. I'm not mad at all but I'm also not that sympathetic considering I gave him at least three verbal warnings before he got on the bike. Silly guy, but he is determined to NOW learn how to ride a fixed gear bicycle and get one that fits him properly! So after his hand heals up I'm going to take him down to Orange 20 to look at bikes!

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I love koreatown!!!

Mark Durling
912 596 9503

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Foxy Shazam

Fantastic band you guys need to check out ! there myspace is HERE


movie on the horizon

looks neat

check out the apple trailer I think its better than this one HERE