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Monday, August 13, 2012

Since I dont have my Fixed Gear I decided I should get my mountain bike out and hit the trails. Before I went I had to get my front hydraulic brake worked on. The awesome guys down at Orange20 took a look at my brake and found out that I managed to brake a piston in the lever. They hooked me up with a temporary brake while they check with SRAM to see if they can get the correct parts.

Looks like my old Avid Juicy 5s are not being made anymore so I might have to upgrade to some ELIXER brakes.

I should be back on the mountain again next week and I'll take some more photos.

Still no bike

No luck on finding my bike.  Some asshole out there has a really sweet bike that I put a lot of time and love into.

Time to look for a new bike I guess.